Great to announce that I’m in the current issue of Black Static (issue 31) with a story called ‘Skein and Bone’. Inspired by a recent trip to France, and my love of history and costume, it deals with our relationship with the past. I’m thrilled to be in the same issue as James Cooper, Steven Pirie, Jackson Kuhl, Steven J. Dines and Seán Padraic Birnie.

Cover by Richard Wagner

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5 Responses to Acceptance!

  1. Ray Cluley says:

    Look at you and your blogging skills! I love this story…

  2. categardner says:

    Congratulations and welcome to the blogsphere.

  3. I’m a bit behind on my reading but have just finished “Skein and Bone” and thought it was terrific. Good luck with your writing in 2013- I look forward to seeing your novel in print!

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