Women in Horror Month and Greydogtales


To celebrate Women in Horror Month, myself and the supremely-talented Laura Mauro were asked to discuss our work and the women writers who have shaped our work, with Greydogtales. Though the idea of women writing is not the anomaly it once was, it’s important to remember the challenges that faced our female predecessors and to be vigilante of market imbalances, as Nina Allan’s recent column for Strange Horizons cogently asserts. Of equal importance is the need to celebrate the wonderful women writers who are working in the field now (for some reading suggestions head to Laura Mauro’s website where she discusses some of her favourite recent stories) along with the women writers who paved the way. And above all, we shouldn’t forget that horror really started with the girls, that at the end of the eighteenth-century, women writers, including the likes of Ann Radcliffe were creating a new kind of genre, one that was perceived with the same derision as chick-lit books today, though it would come to be known as the Gothic.

You can read the interview with Laura and myself at Greydogtales and I thought it was apt to re-post a column I wrote for This is Horror a few years ago, on the female origins of the Gothic.

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