Peter Tennant’s Case Notes: A Sense of Unease

I have long been a fan of Peter Tennant’s Case Notes series in Black Static, which has undoubtedly set the standard for critical reviewing. So, you can imagine my excitement (and nervousness) at the prospect that my short story collection, Skein and Bone and my novel, Bodies of Water would feature in Case Notes, Black Static # 55. My first short story was published in Black Static and along with the fiction published within its pages, it was through Peter’s column that I first come across what extraordinary work is being produced in the genre. My thanks to Peter for such a thorough, erudite reading of my fiction and for taking the time to interview me about research and motivations.


Skein and Bone

‘It is a fine end to a superb collection of stories that, while they undoubtedly horror fiction in the main, stretch their wings and fly that bit higher, that bit closer to the sun like poor, doomed Icarus.’                                                                             Peter Tennant, Black Static # 55

Bodies of Water

‘This is a harrowing novel, one that punches far above its weight, and in combination with Skein and Bone is an assured debut mapping out the concerns and aesthetic sensibilities of a writer who may well go on to become one of the most significant new voices in our genre.’                                                                                              Peter Tennant, Black Static # 55

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