Bodies of Water, June 2016, Salt Publishing.

French language edition of Bodies of Water: Les Filles déchues de Wakewater, Feb 2017, Denoël.

Skein and Bone, July 2015, Undertow Books.

Skein and Bone cover

‘Shell Baby’, Shadows and Tall Trees issue 7, May 2017, Undertow Books.

‘Hermaness’, Green and Pleasant Land, Sept 2016, Black Shuck Books.

‘The Murky’, Uncertainties Volume II, Sept 2016, Swan River Press.

‘Ghost’, Sept 2016, The Dark Magazine.


‘The Blue Room’ The Hyde Hotel, Jan 2016, Black Shuck Books.

‘Man of the House,’ Black Static issue 50, Jan 2016, TTA Press.

‘The Quiet Room’, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2015, June 2015, Prime Books.


‘Precious Things’, The Outsiders, May 2015, Crystal Lake Publishing.

The Outsiders - small

‘The Cloud Cartographer’, Best British Fantasy 2014, July 2014, Salt Publishing.

‘The Quiet Room’, Shadows and Tall Trees issue 6, June 2014, Undertow Books.


‘Namesake’, Best British Horror 2014, May 2014, Salt Publishing.


‘Preservation’, Strange Tales IV, Jan 2014, Tartarus Press.


‘Senbazuru’, 2013 Weird Fiction Review.


Making Room‘, 2013 This is Horror.


‘Namesake’, Black Static issue 36, Sept 2013, TTA Press.


‘The Cloud Cartographer’, Interzone issue 247, July 2013, TTA Press.


‘Skein and Bone’, Black Static issue 31, Nov 2012, TTA Press.

‘Senbazuru’, Shadows and Tall Trees issue 4, 2012, Undertow Books.

‘Family Tree’, Black Static issue 27, Feb 2012, TTA Press.

family tree

‘Time Keeping’ Black Static issue 23, June 2011, TTA Press.

‘Ulterior Design’, Black Static issue 21, Feb 2011, TTA Press.



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